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Laser Diamond Cutting

 Challenge In Diamond Cutting & Sawing

Cutting diamonds has always been a complex task due to their extreme hardness and brittleness. Traditional methods like chemical cutting or physical polishing often led to challenges, high costs, and errors. Mechanical processes posed risks of cracks and chips, leading to inefficiency and tool wear. Achieving micron-level precision was a demanding test for diamond-cutting.


The Laser Solution:

Enter laser cutting technology, a game-changer in diamond processing. It swiftly and precisely cuts diamonds, excelling with hard, brittle materials. With minimal thermal impact, it safeguards diamonds from damage, reducing the risk of defects like cracks and chips. This ensures highly efficient processing.


Efficiency at Its Core:

Laser cutting boasts rapid processing, lower equipment costs, and fewer errors compared to manual polishing. Yet, the core component, the Laser light source, is crucial. Lumispot Tech's CW Diode Pump Module (CW DPL) stands out with high energy density and superior beam quality, setting it apart from other lasers.

Lumimetric has provided light sources and technical support to many users in the field of laser cut diamonds, and today has compiled a list of the more common questions about laser gemstone cutting.

1. Can Lasers Cut Diamonds? How do Lasers Cut Diamonds?

2. How did they cut diamonds before lasers?/How were diamond cut before lasers?

3. Challenge in Diamond cutting and sawing

4. What are the advantages of laser cutting compared with traditional diamond cutting?

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