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Company Info

LumiMetric was founded in 2017 with a registered capital of CNY 74.97 million. Headquartered is located in Wuxi(Lumispot Tech),  covering an office and production area of 18,000 square meters. The company is specilizing in laser information application field, R & D, production and sales of Diode Laser, Fiber Laser, solid laser and related laser application system. LumiMetric has been awarded as many honors such as provincial high power laser engineering research and development center, provincial innovation and entrepreneurship talent, and a number of national innovation funds. Hundreds of invention patents and utility model patent are gained. LumiMetric is with special industry product manufacturing qualification,and is a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights in laser fields.

The product series covers (405nm ~ 1570nm) multi-power diode laser, line laser lighting system, (1km ~ 50km) multi-specification laser rangefinder, high energy solid laser, continuous and pulsed fiber laser and (32mm~120mm) skeleton and de-skeleton optical fiber ring used for Fiber Optic Gyroscope(FOG). LumiMetric's products are widely applied in laser pump source, laser rangefinder, laser LIDAR, inertial navigation, optical fiber sensing, industrial detection, laser three-dimensional mapping, Web of Things, medical cosmetics and other fields.

A group of high-level talents, including years-experience PHD in laser field research, industry senior management and technical experts and technical consultant team presided by 2 academician, etc., are absorbed by LumiMetric.

LumiMetric's research and development technical team accounted for more than 80% of the bachelor, master and doctor, has been awarded as major innovation team and leading talent for many times. LumiMetric totally has more than 300 employees. Since its establishment, LumiMetric has established a good cooperative relationship with enterprise and research institutes in shipbuilding, electronics, railway, electric power and other industries, relying on stable and reliable product quality and high-efficient and professional service support.

Through years of rapid development, LumiMetric has exported to many countries and areas, such as the United States, Sweden, India, etc.with a good reputation and credibility. Meanwhile, LumiMetric is striving to gradually improve its core competitiveness in the fierce market competition, and is committed to building LumiMetric as world-class technology leader in the photoelectric industry.

Technical Advantage

The integration of multidisciplinary expertise in materials, thermodynamics, mechanics, electronics, optics, software, and algorithms, combined with the fusion of Chinese and American technology and the integration of industry, education, and research technologies. Dozens of internationally leading core technologies and hundreds of core processes have created technical barriers, transforming laboratory technology and prototypes into mass-produced high-tech equipment products, empowering modern military equipment.

With dozens of core technologies in the field of semiconductor lasers, such as gold-tin solder packaging technology, online collimation technology, and transient thermal management technology, we have achieved a leading advantage internationally and domestically. The combination of unique technologies such as Q-switched glass laser technology, OPO laser technology, YAG laser technology, unique dual-threshold algorithm, logarithmic function algorithm, and other hardware and software core technologies has resulted in the most comprehensive range and leading precision of domestic range finders.

Our self-developed high-temperature resistant pump laser features a unique "heat dissipation design," "nanosecond narrow pulse drive LD technology," and "multi-emitter" and "fiber optic optimization amplification technology," establishing a variety of models for 1550nm wavelength lidar light sources. While ensuring the power required for ranging, it deeply optimizes aspects such as volume, weight, and power consumption, making it the most power-efficient and compact lidar light source in the industry today.

Product and Industrialization Advantage

We have developed a diverse product map of devices and components, adopting a model of researching, developing, producing, and delivering one generation of products while preparing the next. This has led to a new product delivery model, supported by 15 production lines (including one automated line and two assembly lines).

Comprehensive Quality Assurance and After-sales Service System

By obtaining national quality system certifications, special industry quality system certifications, FDA certifications, and CE certifications, we strictly adhere to national standards and industry best practices from raw material procurement to manufacturing, from product testing and quality inspection to comprehensive pre-shipment inspection. We focus on details to ensure product reliability, stability, and high performance. With subsidiaries and offices in Beijing, Jiangsu, and Xi'an, we better communicate and cooperate with customers, respond quickly to customer needs, and provide timely after-sales support and services to ensure customer satisfaction.