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CW Diode Pump Solid State (DPSS G2-A)

The CW Diode Pump Module G2-A from LumiSpot Tech is a high-efficiency, solid-state laser module known for its high power pumping ability and excellent beam quality. It operates in continuous wave mode and boasts a compact, reliable design. This semiconductor laser replaces traditional Krypton or Xenon lamps for crystal pumping, offering extended lifespan and stability. Ideal for applications in industry, medicine, and science, it provides precise and controlled laser output, essential for material processing and research. The module is easily integrated into existing systems and includes three horizontally stacked array modules, each delivering approximately 100W@25A.


High Pump Power Efficiency

Excellent Beam And Stability

Compact And Reliable Design

Low Maintainance Costs

Customizable Nd: YAG Doping


Diamond Cutting

Micro-nano Processing

Image Processing 

Optical Pumping

Frequency doubling to ouput 532nm green laser 

The Main Technical Data Of G2-A Diode Pump Solid State Laser :

Encapsulation Solder of

Diode Laser Bar Stacks

AuSn Packed

Central Wavelength


Output Power


Working Current

30 A

Working Voltage


Working Mode


Cavity Length


Output Mirror

T = 20%

Water Temperature



PDF.jpg Detailed DataSheet - DPSS G2-A

Product Bundle Set of G2-A DPL From Lumispot Tech

Each set of products contains three groups of horizontally stacked array modules, each group of Horizontal Stacked Array modules pumping power of about 100W@25A, an overall pumping power of 300W@25A.

Product Description

Discover the soaring demand for Continuous Wave (CW) diode-pumped laser modules that's reshaping the laser technology landscape, positioning them as indispensable powerhouses for solid-state lasers. These cutting-edge modules are tailor-made to meet the exacting needs of solid-state laser applications. Say hello to the G2 - A Diode Pump Solid State Laser, the newest star in Lumimetric Tech's CW Diode Pump Series, is the only of the key Laser Components, amplifying its application horizon and performance prowess.

At the forefront, high-power semiconductor lasers reign supreme as primary pumps for solid-state lasers. In practical scenarios, semiconductor laser diode-pumping sources play a pivotal role in refining laser diode-pumped solid-state laser technology.Breaking free from tradition, these lasers employ semiconductor lasers emitting at a fixed wavelength, shunning conventional Krypton or Xenon Lamps used for crystal pumping. Enter the upgraded laser, the second generation of CW pump lasers (G2-A). It shines with heightened efficiency, extended operational lifespan, impeccable beam quality, steadfast stability, compact dimensions, and a dash of miniaturization.

Imagine a CW Diode Pump Source unleashing a formidable burst of optical energy, channeling the gain medium within the solid-state laser, fine-tuning its performance to perfection. Notably, its relatively high peak power (or average power) widens its applications across industries, medical spheres, and scientific realms.

The marriage of continuous wavelength lasers and pulsed lasers birthed the CW working mode, a symphony of both worlds. The notable distinction lies in power output – a Continuous Wave laser, or CW laser, embraces stability and emits an uninterrupted wave.

Zooming in on the CW semiconductor pumping laser module reveals exceptional beam quality and inherent stability. This crucial feature governs precise control over laser light output. The modules are masterpieces of engineering, shaping a well-defined and unwavering beam profile, guaranteeing unwavering pumping of the solid-state laser. This attribute aligns harmoniously with the demands of industrial material processing, laser cutting, and groundbreaking research.

Seamlessly integrating the CW diode-pumped laser (DPL) into existing solid-state laser systems is a breeze thanks to its compact design and structure. Robust construction and top-tier components translate into unwavering reliability, curtailing downtime and maintenance expenses – a critical aspect in the realms of industrial manufacturing and medical procedures.

Each product set boasts three horizontally stacked array modules. These Horizontal Stacked Array modules each wield around 100W@25A pumping power, collectively orchestrating an impressive aggregate pumping power of 300W@25A. For queries or engagement, our responsive sales team is at your service.

Efficient DPSS laser Source For Green Laser

laser frequency doubling and second harmonic generation.png

The G2-A laser utilizes a typical configuration for frequency doubling: an infrared input beam at 1064 nm is converted into a green 532-nm wave as it passes through a nonlinear crystal. This process, known as frequency doubling or second harmonic generation (SHG), is a widely adopted method for generating light at shorter wavelengths.

By doubling the frequency of the light output from a neodymium- or ytterbium-based 1064-nm laser, our G2-A laser can produce green light at 532 nm. This technique is essential for creating green lasers, which are commonly used in applications ranging from laser pointers to sophisticated scientific and industrial instruments.

The G2-A CW Diode Pump Solid State Laser is engineered to offer a stable and efficient green light source, making it an excellent seed source for green laser applications. Its design and operational efficiency make it suitable for a wide range of applications, including medical devices, projection systems, and precision machining tools, where consistent and reliable green light output is crucial.


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