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QCW Laser Diode Horizontal Array

LumiMetriC provides a variety of conductively cooled laser diode arrays. These stacked arrays can be built with 2 to 20 diode bars of 100 W QCW to 300 W QCW. The compact and robust packages with AuSn hard solder, allow good thermal control and reliable at high temperature of operation.
LumiMetriC still offers mixing diode bars of different wavelength to give a broad optical spectrum of emission, which performance is well suited for building efficient pumping skim in a non-stabilized environment in temperature. These laser diode arrays are ideal for a wide range of applications of pumping rods or slabs solid state laser, illuminators…

Key Features


Macro channel water cooling structure

Long pulse width, high duty cycle operation

Gold-tin hard solder packaging

Customizable multi-wavelength combination

Pumping solid gain medium

Scientific research 

Medical applications

Technical Data

Model: LM-808-Q1200-F-G6-P0.73-0
Peak Power(@25°C)W20012001800
Center Wavelength(@25°C)nm-808-
Central Wavelength Range
Spectra Width(FWHM)
Fast Axis Divergence Angle(FWHM)°-36-
Slow Axis Divergence Angle(FWHM)°-8-
Wavelength Temp. Coefficientnm/°C-0.260.28
Pulse Widthμs-200500
Duty Cycle%-0.41
Working Current
Electricity-Optic Conversion Rate
Working Voltage
Number of Bars
Bar Spacing
Working Temperature
Storage Temperature


Customizable single or multi-wavelength within the 790nm to 815nm wavelength range;

For more wavelengths, power, Bar spacing, and other customization requirements, please contact us.

Packaging Information


QCW conduction cooled laser diode array- drawing 1.jpg


QCW conduction cooled laser diode array- drawing 2.jpg


QCW conduction cooled laser diode array- drawing 3.jpg


QCW conduction cooled laser diode array- drawing 4.jpg

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