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A1 Stage Er Glass Laser

The Erbium-doped Glass Laser is used in the field of eye-safe rangefinders and is characterized by its reliability and cost effectiveness. This laser is also known as the 1535nm DPSS Eye-safe Laser because the light in this wavelength range is absorbed in the cornea and crystalline form of the eye and does not reach the more sensitive retina. The need for this DPSS eye-safe laser is critical in the field of laser ranging and radar, where light needs to travel long distances outdoors again, but some products in the past have been prone to damage or blinding hazards to the human eye. The current common bait glass lasers use co-doped Er:Yb phosphate glass as the working material and a semiconductor laser as the pump source, which can excite 1.5um wavelength laser.This serie of products is ideal choice for Lidar, Ranging and Communication field.
A1 stage 1535nm Er Glass Laser offers the pulsed energy of 100 to 500 uJ and Peak Power of 25kW to 100kW.

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Human Eye Safety

Small Size and Light Weight

Apapt to the harsh environment 

Can be Mass-Produced


Laser Ranging

Laser Communication