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Press Release

Lumispot Tech 2023 Annual Review and 2024 Outlook

Lumispot Tech Corporate Vision: Illuminating the Future From Laser.

As 2023 draws to a close,

we reflect on a year of brave progress despite challenges.

Thankful for your continued support,

our time machine is loading...

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Corporate Patents and Honors


9 Authorized Invention Patents

1 Authorized National Defense Patent

16 Authorized Utility Model Patents

4 Authorized Software Copyrights

Completed Industry-Specific Qualification Review and Extension

FDA Certification

CE Certification



Recognized as a National Specialized and Innovative "Little Giant" Company


Won a National Level Scientific Research Project in the National Wisdom Eye Initiative - Semiconductor Laser

Supported by the National Key R&D Plan for Special Laser Light Sources

Regional Contributions

Passed the Jiangsu Province High-Power Semiconductor Laser Engineering Technology Research Center evaluation

Awarded the "Jiangsu Province Innovative Talent" title

Established a Graduate Workstation in Jiangsu Province

Recognized as a "Leading Innovative Enterprise in the Southern Jiangsu National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone"

Passed the Taizhou City Engineering Research Center/Engineering Technology Research Center evaluation

Supported by the Taizhou City Science and Technology Support (Innovation) Project


Market Promotion


Participated in the 10th World Radar Expo

Delivered speeches at the "2nd China Laser Technology and Industry Development Conference" in Changsha and the "9th International Seminar on New Photoelectric Detection Technology and Applications" in Hefei.



Attended the 12th China (Beijing) Defense Information Technology and Equipment Expo



Participated in the Munich Shanghai Optical Expo

Hosted the "Collaborative Innovation, Laser Empowerment" salon in Xi'an



Participated in the Shenzhen Optical Expo



Attended the Munich Shanghai Optical Expo

Hosted the "Illuminating the Future with Lasers" new product salon in Wuhan


Product Innovation and Iteration

December New Product Compact bar Stack Array Series


The conduction-cooled LM-808-Q2000-F-G10-P0.38-0 stack array series features small size, light weight, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, reliability, and longevity. It precisely reduces the pitch of traditional bar products from 0.73mm to 0.38mm, significantly narrowing the width of the stack array emission area. The number of bars in the stack array can be expanded to 10, enhancing the product's efficacy with peak power output exceeding 2000W.

October New Products

New Compact High-Brightness Green Laser:


 Based on lightweight high-brightness pumping source packaging technology, this series of high-brightness green fiber-coupled lasers (including multi-green core bundling technology, cooling technology, beam shaping dense arrangement technology, and spot homogenization technology) are miniaturized. The series includes continuous power outputs of 2W, 3W, 4W, 6W, 8W, and also offers technical solutions for 25W, 50W, 200W power outputs.


Laser Beam Intrusion Detector:


Introduced laser beam detectors using near-infrared safe light sources. RS485 communication enables rapid network integration and cloud upload. It provides an efficient and convenient security management platform for users, greatly expanding the application space in the anti-theft alarm field.


"Bai Ze" 3km Erbium Glass Laser Rangefinder Module:


 Features an in-house developed 100μJ integrated erbium glass laser, a ranging distance of >3km with an accuracy of ±1m, a weight of 33±1g, and a low power consumption mode of <1W.


First Fully Domestic 0.5mrad High Precision Laser Pointer:


Developed a near-infrared laser pointer at 808nm wavelength, based on breakthroughs in ultra-small beam divergence angle technology and spot homogenization technology. It achieves long-distance pointing with about 90% uniformity, invisible to the human eye but clear to machines, ensuring precise aiming while maintaining concealment.


Diode-Pumped Gain Module:


The G2-A module applies a combination of finite element method, steady-state thermal simulation in solid and liquid temperature, and uses gold-tin solder as a novel packaging material instead of traditional indium solder. This greatly solves issues like thermal lensing in the cavity leading to poor beam quality and low power, enabling the module to achieve high beam quality and power.


April Innovation Ultra-Long Distance Ranging Laser Source


Successfully developed a compact and lightweight pulsed laser with an energy of 80mJ, a repetition rate of 20 Hz, and a human-eye-safe wavelength of 1.57μm. This achievement was made by improving the conversion efficiency of KTP-OPO and optimizing the output of the pump laser diode (LD) module. Tested to perform excellently under wide temperature conditions from -45℃ to +65℃, reaching a domestic advanced level.


March Innovation High Power, High Repetition Rate, Narrow Pulse Width Laser Device


Made significant progress in miniaturized high-power, high-speed semiconductor laser driver circuits, multi-junction cascaded packaging technology, high-speed TO device environmental testing, and TO optomechanical electrical integration. Overcame challenges in multi-chip small self-inductance micro-stacking technology, small-size pulse drive layout technology, and multi-frequency and pulse width modulation integration technology. Developed a series of high power, high repetition rate, narrow pulse width laser devices with small size, light weight, high repetition rate, high peak power, narrow pulse, and high-speed modulation capabilities, widely applicable in laser ranging radar, laser fuzes, meteorological detection, identification communication, and analysis testing.


March Breakthrough 27W+ Hour Lifespan Test for LIDAR Light Source


Corporate Financing


Successfully completed nearly 200 million yuan in Pre-B/B round financing.


Looking forward to 2024, in this world full of unknowns and challenges, Bright Optoelectronics will continue to embrace change and grow resiliently. Let's innovate together with the power of lasers!


We will confidently navigate through storms and continue our forward journey, undeterred by wind and rain!