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Press Release

New Laser Intrusion Detection System From Lumispot Tech Group

Lumispot Tech Group, with over ten years of specialization in laser technology, has consistently contributed to the laser sector by focusing on the creation, manufacturing, and marketing of various lasers and laser systems. Their latest offering, the Laser Intrusion Detection System (LIDS), embodies their dedication to pushing the boundaries of safety technology.

Lumispot's recently unveiled LIDS utilizes near-infrared light that is harmless to humans, ensuring that enhanced security does not compromise safety. Equipped with the RS485 communication standard, the system integrates swiftly with existing security networks or cloud services. This feature not only streamlines security data management but also expands its utility in preventing theft and managing alarm systems.

The LIDS from Lumispot transcends being a mere product; it is a multifaceted security approach tailored to the intricate requirements of modern safety management. By merging sophisticated laser technology with intuitive digital communications, Lumispot is redefining industry benchmarks, offering clients a robust and expandable system poised for vigilant protection.

Highlighting the Primary Uses of LIDS

Transportation Networks: For railway and subway systems, Lumispot's LIDS revolutionizes safety measures by monitoring off-limits areas and providing instant notifications, a development supported by network security research emphasizing the significance of protocol scrutiny for public safety [3].

Industrial and Power Sectors: Within industries like oil and power generation, LIDS's advanced clustering algorithms provide precise intrusion detection, essential for safeguarding vital facilities [1].

Maritime Protection: At busy ports, LIDS's sophisticated data analysis for intrusion categorization ensures that only genuine threats prompt alerts, thus protecting these crucial economic hubs [2].

Banking Security: Financial institutions find LIDS's accuracy invaluable, with its intelligent detection systems meeting the sector's requirements for subtle yet potent security [4].

Cultural and Academic Establishments: Museums and educational institutions need unobtrusive security that preserves their ambiance. LIDS fulfills this requirement, offering a protective measure that educates as much as it secures, thanks to efficient data analysis [2].

Agriculture and Animal Surveillance: For agricultural and animal husbandry settings, LIDS provides a durable security system that is attuned to animal movements, ensuring safety without the risk of false positives, based on research in intelligent motion detection [4].

Maximum Security Environments: High-stakes areas like prisons and military bases require uncompromised security. LIDS delivers with laser accuracy, bolstered by research in intrusion detection systems [3].

Home Security: Residents can now access top-tier security technologies for their homes. LIDS easily integrates with domestic networks for swift alerts, ensuring tranquility with the aid of intelligent detection technologies [4].

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Application case - Working principle of the Laser intrusion detection system


The product is mainly used in subway stations, subway or railroad is an important transportation facilities, subway detection and early warning is mainly to remind passengers waiting for the train, do not enter the non-safety zone, to avoid personal injury, especially in some subway platforms without screen doors, will be set up strictly prohibited areas, can be installed in front of the prohibited areas of laser countermeasures, when the train does not enter the station, someone breaks into the precautionary area, it will Trigger the laser counterfire alarm to remind passengers to exit the prevention area, to achieve the early warning function. For the railroad is also the same, to prevent passengers intentionally or unintentionally cross the line, into the railroad track, resulting in injuries, through this set of early warning system, can passenger safety, and maintenance of the safety of the rail system flow.



The program adopts the laser countermeasure intrusion detector, linear platforms with 1 pair of equipment, curved platforms with 2 pairs of equipment, in the subway train doors and shielding doors between the narrow gap formed by the invisible wall of prevention, in the case of not affecting the subway train operation, between the train door and the shielding door of the foreign body for effective detection and linkage of shielding door control system, to avoid the gap caused by the foreign body of the personnel and property damage.

When the shielding door and the train door closed, if the shielding door and the gap between the train passengers or large objects stranded, laser intrusion detector beam is blocked, that will send an alarm signal, the control host sound and light alarm, prompting the driver there are passengers trapped, can not be traveled; station personnel to open the corresponding shielding door, will be trapped passengers to take away.



Product features

1.Modulated carrier technology, each beam has a unique transmit and receive frequency code, effectively reducing the beams of light between each other string light interference.

2.alert distance 0 ~ 300m long distance prevention, the farthest can realize 500 meters long distance alert.

3.through the buzzer and indicator changes in the trend, can accurately identify the small changes in each beam, debugging is simple and convenient.

4.can be set to block any one beam, two beams or multi-beam alarm, suitable for a variety of environments and a variety of different applications.

5.the working mode and light-seeking mode free switching, optimize the complex operation of the light, but also faster detection of optical axis offset.

6.non-visible laser light source design, so that the use of the product is more hidden and safer.

7.the laser level to meet the Class Ⅰ, basically will not produce harm to the eyes, can ensure the safety of the design.

8.laser infrared more concentrated light penetration stronger, can effectively inhibit the wind, frost, rain, snow, fog and other harsh natural environment interference, better stability.

9.each beam of light to independently adjust the up and down, left and right angles, the adjustment range of up to ± 30 ° (transmitter launch angle: <3′; receiver receiver angle: > 10 °).

10.each beam spacing 10cm, effectively reduce false alarms and leakage, can be customized for different beam spacing.

11, .alarm triggering response time 50ms/100ms/150ms optional, can be customized for different response times to meet different application environments.

12.protection class IP67, can be very good waterproof, even underwater more than 1 meter immersion can work normally.

13.Support a set of relay output, normally open/normally closed optional, contact capacity: AC125V/0.5A, DC24V/1A.

14.Wide voltage power supply, support AC/DC10~30V input.


Technology Index

Laser Wavelength

Near-Infrared Shortwave

Operating Voltage

DC 10-30V

Alarm Mode

Beam Blockage Alarm; Bright Red Light: Obstacle Alarm, Light Off: Normal

Light Interference Resistance

Resistance to Indoor Lighting Interference ≥15000lx

Detection Distance


Number of Beams




Beam Spacing




Product Dimensions


Laser Scanning Cycle


Operating Temperature


Protection Level


Laser Source Type

A Class I safety laser source

Transmitting & Receiving Angle

Divergence Angle: <3'; Reception Angle: >10°

Optical Axis Adjustment Angle

Horizontal: ±30°; Vertical: ±30° (adjustable range)

Housing Material

Stainless Steel