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1550nm LIDAR Light Source 8-in-1

Lumispot Tech's 8-in-1 LIDAR Fiber Optic Laser Light Source is an innovative, multi-functional device tailored for precision and efficiency in LIDAR applications. This product combines advanced technology and compact design to deliver top-notch performance in various fields.

Key Features


High Peak Power

Low Power Consumption

Integrated optical design, compact size

Flexible Repetition Rate

Support Customization

Laser Range Finding

Security and Defense

TOF LiDAR Ranging

Technical Data



· Laser Safety: This product emits laser radiation that is not visible to the human eye. Protective goggles should be worn before use. Avoid direct exposure of eyes or skin to the laser beam while the laser is operating.

· Power Usage: Ensure use within the rated voltage and power specifications.

· Electrostatic Protection: Appropriate electrostatic protection measures must be taken during the transport, storage, and use of the light source.

· Fiber End Face: The output end face should be appropriately cleaned before use to ensure it is free from dirt and contamination, as this can easily cause damage to the end face.

· Cooling Requirements: Adequate cooling must be maintained during the operation of the laser. It is recommended to use thermal grease or a thermal pad with high thermal conductivity for efficient heat dissipation. Failure to dissipate heat effectively may cause the internal temperature of the laser to rise, triggering the over-temperature protection feature and shutting down the laser output.