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1535nm Pulsed Fiber Laser

This product belongs to the human eye-safe 1.5μm micro pulsed fiber laser light source from LumiSpot Technology Co., Ltd. This product has the characteristics of high electricity-light conversion efficiency, low ASE noise, low power consumption ,wide range of working temperature and non-linear noise, which is suitable for using as the laser light source of remote sensing mapping & ranging.

Key Features


Compact Design

Light Weight

Good Beam Quality

Stable and reliable

Low ASE Noise

Laser Range finding

Laser LiDAR

Remote Sensing Mapping

Automotive Driving

Technical Data

Working Mode
Central Wavelengthnm153215351537
Pulsed Width(FWHM)ns-3-
Repetition FrequencykHz1005002000Adjustable
Average PowerW0.711.1
Peak PowerW
The repetition frequency varies from one to another
Peak Power of the reference lightmW0.40.50.6
spectral distribution%90

Power share in bandwidth @3ns, 500kHz
polarization stateNARandomn
Trigger ModeNAExternal trigger
Reference light pulse and mainns

70Less than 20 ps at different temperatures for the same laser
Pulse out delay jitterps

80Measurement method: Take the reference light
electric power consumptionW

13@Average Power 1W
operating voltageV91213
Operating Temperature(@Shell)-40
85The laser will turn off at 95℃
Storage temperature-40
Package Sizemm55x55x16


Optical output method
Main Output Lengthm
The length of the reference lightm
Electrical Interface Model
MOLEX 505567-1281

Dimensional Graph



· Laser Safety: This product emits laser radiation that is not visible to the human eye. Protective goggles should be worn before use. Avoid direct exposure of eyes or skin to the laser beam while the laser is operating.

· Power Usage: Ensure use within the rated voltage and power specifications.

· Electrostatic Protection: Appropriate electrostatic protection measures must be taken during the transport, storage, and use of the light source.

· Fiber End Face: The output end face should be appropriately cleaned before use to ensure it is free from dirt and contamination, as this can easily cause damage to the end face.

· Cooling Requirements: Adequate cooling must be maintained during the operation of the laser. It is recommended to use thermal grease or a thermal pad with high thermal conductivity for efficient heat dissipation. Failure to dissipate heat effectively may cause the internal temperature of the laser to rise, triggering the over-temperature protection feature and shutting down the laser output.