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Laser 101

How does laser achieve distance measurement function?


As early as 1916, the famous Jewish physicist Einstein discovered the secret of lasers. Laser (full name: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation), meaning "amplification by stimulated radiation of light", is hailed as another major invention of humanity since the 20th century, following nuclear energy, computers, and semiconductors. It is the "fastest knife", the "most accurate ruler", and the "brightest light". The full English name of laser already comprehensively expresses the main process of manufacturing laser. Laser has a wide range of applications, such as laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting, fiber optic communication, laser ranging, LiDAR, and so on. Today we will talk about how lasers achieve distance measurement function.

The principle of laser ranging

Generally speaking, there are two methods for measuring distance using lasers: pulse method and phase method. The principle of laser pulse ranging is that the laser emitted by the laser emission device is reflected by the measured object and then received by the receiver. By simultaneously recording the time of the laser's round-trip, half of the product of the speed of light and round-trip time is the distance between the ranging instrument and the measured object. The accuracy of pulse method for measuring distance is generally around+/-10 centimeters. The phase method does not measure the phase of the laser, but rather measures the phase of the signal modulated on the laser.

The method of laser ranging

After understanding the principle of laser ranging, let's take a look at the actual operation of laser ranging. Usually, precision laser ranging requires the use of a total reflection prism, while the rangefinder used for house measurement can directly measure the reflection from a smooth wall surface. This is mainly because the distance is relatively close, and the signal strength reflected back by the light is strong enough. However, if the distance is too far, the laser emission angle must be perpendicular to the total reflection mirror, otherwise the return signal will be too weak to obtain accurate distance. However, in practical engineering, personnel operating laser ranging will use thin plastic sheets as reflective surfaces to solve the problem of severe laser diffuse reflection.A high-quality laser ranging machine can achieve a measurement accuracy of up to 1 millimeter, making lasers suitable for various high-precision measurement purposes.



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