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Press Release

Lumispot Brand Visual Upgrade

According to the development needs of Lumispot, in order to enhance Lumispot's brand personalized recognition and communication power, further enhance Lumispot's overall brand image and influence, and better reflect the company's strategic positioning and business-focused development plan, the company name and LOGO will be adjusted as follows from June 1, 2024


Full NameJiangsu Lumispot Photoelectric Science & Technology Co., Ltd



Lumispot New LOGO



Lumispot Old LOGO




From now until August 30, 2024, the company's official website (www.lumispot-tech.com), social media platform, public account, new promotional products, new product packaging and other logos will be gradually replaced with the new LOGO. During this transition period, the new logo and the old logo will be equally effective. For some of the printed matter, priority will be given to the use and gradual consumption.

Please kindly take notification and tell each other, please understand the inconvenience caused by this to our customers and partners, Lumispot will continue to provide services for customers and partners as always.



30th, May, 2024