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Laser 101

The practical application of 1200m laser ranging finder module

1200m laser ranging finder mold(1200m LRFModule) is one of the series of products developed by Lumispot Technology Group for laser distance measurement.This laser ranging module uses a 905nm laser diode as the core component.This laser diode gives the laser ranging finder module a longer lifespan and lower power consumption.It effectively solves the problems of short lifespan and high power consumption of traditional laser ranging finder modules.



Technical Data

lLaser wavelength:905nm

lMeasuring range :5m~200m

lMeasurement accuracy:±1m

lSize:   size one:25x25x12mm         size two: 24x24x46mm

lWeight:         size one:10±0.5g            size two:23±5g

lWorking environment temperature:-20~50

lResolution ratio:0.1m


lStructural materialAluminum


Product application

lUnmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)Used for altitude control, obstacle avoidance, and terrain surveying of drones, to improve their automated flight capabilities and surveying accuracy.

lMilitary and SecurityIn the military field, it is used for target distance measurement, ballistic calculation, and reconnaissance missions. In the field of security, it is used for perimeter monitoring and intrusion detection.

lMeasuring sightUsed for observing the distance and distance perception between observation targets, capable of efficiently and accurately completing measurement tasks

lGeological surveying and geological explorationAirborne radar with laser ranging module can accurately measure and analyze rivers, lakes, and other water bodies in geological surveying work by surveying the shape, depth, and other information of water bodies. It can also be applied in flood warning, water resource management, and other aspects.

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