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The application of Laser range finder module in unmanned flow vehicles

The application of Laser range finder module in unmanned flow vehicles

With the rapid development of technology, laser ranging technology has become an indispensable part of modern logistics development. This technology provides strong support for logistics safety, intelligent driving, and intelligent logistics transportation due to its high precision, speed, and anti-interference ability.


The laser range finder module independently developed by Lumispot can calculate the distance between the light source and the target by measuring the time it takes for the laser pulse to travel back and forth on the measured target. This method has high accuracy and can ensure that unmanned vehicles accurately perceive the surrounding environment during driving, thereby making correct decisions.


Secondly, in terms of obstacle detection and avoidance, unmanned vehicles equipped with laser range finder module can detect obstacles in the surrounding environment in real time and obtain information such as the position and size of obstacles. This helps unmanned vehicles to avoid obstacles and ensure safe driving.


The laser range finder module developed by Lumispot can provide high-precision ranging data, helping unmanned vehicles with path planning and navigation. By accurately perceiving the surrounding environment, unmanned vehicles can calculate and choose the optimal driving path, improving transportation efficiency.


These laser range finder modules are widely used in two-dimensional LiDAR, with the characteristics of simple structure, fast ranging speed, and stable and reliable system. They are suitable for environments with relatively simple terrain and smooth road surfaces. However, when dealing with environments with complex terrain and uneven road surfaces, two-dimensional LiDAR may not be able to complete terrain reconstruction work and is prone to data distortion and false reporting. In this case, we can use three-dimensional LiDAR to avoid this problem. It can accurately identify obstacles and construct a drivable area by obtaining depth information of the vehicle environment. On rich point cloud data, road elements such as lanes and curbs can be obtained, as well as obstacles and drivable areas of unstructured roads, pedestrians and vehicles in the driving environment, traffic signals and signs, and other rich information.

So when design a laser range finder module, we fully considered parameters such as laser power, wavelength, and pulse width of the laser emitter, as well as response time and wavelength of the photodiode. These parameters directly affect the ranging accuracy, speed, and range of the laser range finder module. For the application needs of unmanned flow vehicles, we can choose laser range finder modules with high precision, high response speed, and high stability, and support enterprise customization.

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