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Lumispot - Changchun International Optoelectronic Expo Invitation



Dear Friends:

Thank you for your long time support and attention to Lumispot, Changchun International Optoelectronic Expo will be held in Changchun Northeast Asia International Expo Center on June 18-20, 2024, the booth is located in A1-H13, and we sincerely invite all friends and partners to visit. Lumispot here to send you a sincere invitation, sincerely look forward to your presence!


Exhibition Background:


2024 Changchun International Optoelectronics Expo will be held on June 18-20, 2024 at Northeast Asia International Expo Center in Changchun. Changchun is the place where New China's optics career started, where New China's first research institute in the field of optics was established, where Wang Dahang, the founder of China's optics career, worked and struggled, where China's first ruby laser was born, and where China's only national-level science and technology museum specializing in optics is located.

With the theme of "Optoelectronic Leadership, Creating the Future Together", this exhibition is designed for exhibitions, optoelectronic conferences and a series of activities. During the period will be arranged 2024 Changchun International Photoelectricity Expo opening ceremony and photoelectric industry innovation and development of the General Assembly, 2024 Light International Conference, photoelectric field of academic and applied research conference, Changchun City, photoelectric information industry expert committee second meeting and other major meetings. During the same period, a series of activities will be held such as recruitment activities for cutting-edge talents in optoelectronics, investment promotion activities and project signing ceremony for Changchun optoelectronic information industry, as well as visits and cultural and tourism activities. From the industry to the terminal, to promote the industry chain supply chain smooth, continuous integration and upgrading, and actively promote the whole industry innovative technology high-quality supply, for China's economic high-quality development to provide strong scientific and technological support.


Focusing on the five major areas of "core, light, star, vehicle and network", about 600 enterprises from 13 industrial directions will be invited to participate in the exhibition, with a total exhibition area of about 70,000 square meters, which will be divided into three pavilions, namely, Hall A1, Hall A2 and Hall A3.


Hall A1: Concentrating on 3 industrial directions such as optical components and optical manufacturing, optoelectronic detection and metrology, and optoelectronic communication and application.

Hall A2: Concentrate on 5 industrial directions such as optoelectronic display and application, optoelectronic sensing and application, optoelectronic imaging and application, light source and laser and laser manufacturing, intelligent optoelectronic technology and application, as well as famous universities, laboratories, optoelectronic science museums, associations, journals and other organizations.

Hall A3: Concentrating on 5 industrial directions, including defense optoelectronic systems and equipment, automotive electronics, satellites and applications, industrial Internet software technology and applications, and low-altitude economy.



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