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LumiMetriC released CW Diode Pumped Gain Modules

Diode-side-pumping sources are key parts of DPSS laser system. Design flexibility allows for variety crystal materials, rod lengths, diameters, Diode Laser structures and operation modes to be widely used in both resonator and amplifier designs. These diode-side-pumping sources from LumiMetric provide the CW output power from 240W to 1500W. LumiMetriC also provides customer design service to meet more customers' needs.

These diode-side-pumping laser gain modules benefit from the advantages of LumiMetriC's high power diode laser packaging and manufactory technology and experience. These diode-side-pumping sources provide excellent reliability operating in all possible operation modes, from short pulses at high repetition rate to CW conditions.

CW Diode-Side-Pumping-13.jpg

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