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Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS)

  • Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS)
Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS)

Application Notes for Distributed Temperature Sensor (DTS) System


The Distributed Temperature Sensor (DTS) system, leveraging optical fiber technology and Raman scattering principles, offers a sophisticated solution for precise temperature monitoring across various industries. This system is capable of detecting minute temperature variations and providing real-time, continuous temperature data. It is particularly effective for large-scale and long-distance spatial temperature distribution measurements.

System Principle

The DTS system operates primarily on the principles of Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (OTDR) and the Raman scattering effect in optical fibers. The Raman scattering mechanism, which is sensitive to temperature changes, is utilized for temperature measurement. The system distinguishes between Stokes and Anti-Stokes scattering, with the ratio of these two providing an absolute temperature indication. This principle allows for distributed measurement along the fiber optic cable.

Key Applications

  1. Oil and Gas Industry Applications

    • Wellbore Fluid Identification: The DTS system can be employed to distinguish different types of fluids within wellbores, enhancing the efficiency of extraction processes.

    • Detection of Preferential Injection Zones: It assists in identifying zones within reservoirs that are most receptive to injection, optimizing resource utilization.

    • Assessment of Fracturing and Acidization: The system plays a crucial role in diagnosing and evaluating the effectiveness of hydraulic fracturing and acidization techniques used to enhance production.

    • Monitoring of Gas Lift Operations: DTS systems are instrumental in observing the functioning of gas lift valves during extraction processes, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

  2. Coal Mine Safety Monitoring

    • The DTS system is adept at monitoring temperature variations in coal mine goafs, providing critical data for assessing potential safety hazards and preventing accidents.

  3. Electrical Power Industry

    • The system can be applied in the monitoring of temperatures in various components of power generation equipment, such as turbogenerators, to ensure operational efficiency and safety.


  • High Sensitivity and Accuracy: Capable of detecting minute temperature changes with high precision.

  • Real-Time Data Provision: Offers continuous monitoring and immediate data availability.

  • Long-Range Monitoring Capability: Suitable for extensive area coverage and long-distance applications.

  • Robust and Reliable: Resistant to electromagnetic interference and suitable for harsh environments.

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