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Press Release

Lumispot Tech’s independently developed “Baize Series” new laser range finder module made a stunning debut on the market.

The autonomous "Baize Series" laser ranging module developed by Lumispot Tech made a stunning debut on the morning of April 28th at the Zhongguancun Forum - the 2024 Zhongguancun International Technology Exchange Conference.


The "Baize" series Rangefinder Module release

"Baize" is a mythical beast from ancient Chinese mythology, originating from the "Classic of Mountains and Seas." Renowned for its unique visual abilities, it is said to possess extraordinary observation and perception capabilities, able to observe and perceive surrounding objects from long distances and detect hidden or imperceptible details. Hence, our new product is named the "Baize Series."

The "Baize Series" includes two modules: a 3km erbium glass laser ranging module and a 1.5km semiconductor laser ranging module. Both modules are based on eye-safe laser technology and incorporate algorithms and chips independently developed by Lumispot Tech.

3km erbium glass laser rangefinder module

Utilizing a wavelength of 1535nm erbium glass laser, it achieves a ranging accuracy of up to 0.5 meters. It's worth mentioning that all key components of this product are independently developed and manufactured by Lumispot Tech. Additionally, its small size and lightweight (33g) not only facilitate portability but also ensure product consistency.


1.5km semiconductor laser ranging module

Based on a 905nm wavelength semiconductor laser. Its ranging accuracy reaches 0.5 meters throughout the entire range, and it is even more accurate to 0.1 meters for close-range ranging. This module is characterized by mature and stable components, strong anti-interference capabilities, compact size, and lightweight (10g), while also possessing high standardization.

This series of products can be widely used in target ranges, photoelectric positioning, drones, unmanned vehicles, robotics technology, intelligent transportation systems, smart manufacturing, smart logistics, safety production, and intelligent security, among many other specialized fields, promising revolutionary changes for various industries.


New product release event

Technical exchange salon

Immediately after the new product launch event, Lumispot Tech held the "Third Technical Exchange Salon," inviting customers, expert professors, and industry partners from the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Aerospace Information Innovation Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for technical exchanges and sharing, exploring the forefront of laser technology together. At the same time, through face-to-face communication and familiarity, it also provides opportunities for future cooperation and technological advancement. In this rapidly developing era, we believe that only through extensive communication and cooperation can we promote technological progress and explore the possibilities of the future with many excellent friends and partners.

Lumispot Tech attaches great importance to scientific research, focuses on product quality, adheres to the enterprise principles of putting customer interests first, continuous innovation, and employee growth, and is committed to becoming a leader in the global laser special information field.

The launch of the "Baize Series" ranging module undoubtedly further consolidates its leading position in the industry. By continuously enriching the ranging module series, including the full range of laser ranging modules for near, medium, long, and ultra-long distances, Lumispot Tech is committed to improving the competitiveness of its products in the market and contributing to the development of ranging technology.