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Multi-Line Structured Light Laser

Lumispot Tech has developed a compact, structured light laser for vision inspection, widely used in component development. This series includes two main models: three-laser-line and multiple-laser-line illumination, featuring adjustable power, customizable grating numbers, and fan angles. Designed for uniform output and minimal sunlight interference, it's ideal for 3D remodeling, railroad, pavement, and industrial inspections. The laser, with a 808nm wavelength and 5W-15W power range, has an air-cooled structure for efficient heat dissipation. Operating in -30℃ to 50℃, it's suitable for outdoor use but requires caution due to its non-eye-safe wavelength.


Compact design

Light spot uniformity

Adjustable output laser power

High power structured light laser

Wide temperature stable operation

Adapt to the requirements of outdoor environment

Avoid sunlight interference

Customization requirements


3D reconstruction

Industrial inspection

Road surface detection

Logistics volume detection

Railway track, vehicle&pantograph detection

Technical Data



Dimension Image


Light Spot Output Image



Ensure that the light output is unobstructed and avoid contamination of the window piece. 

Apply a layer of thermal conductive silicone grease between the bottom of the module and the mounting surface of the body for better heat dissipation.

 Avoid direct eye contact with the laser output to prevent laser damage to the eyes.