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  • LumiMetriC released CW Diode Pumped Gain Modules

    Diode-side-pumping sources are key parts of DPSS laser system. Design flexibility allows for variety crystal materials, rod lengths, diameters, diode laser structures and operation modes to be widely

  • What is Laser Pumping?

    Laser pumping is the process of energizing a medium in a laser to achieve a state known as population inversion. This state is essential for the generation of laser light.

  • Latest Product in QCW Laser Diode Arrays Makes Its

    As an essential pump source for semiconductor lasers, bar lasers face increasing demands for higher power density in the trend toward miniaturization

  • Tackling Thermal Management Challenges in Semicond

    Thermal simulations are conducted by combining solid-state heat conduction steady-state thermal modeling with liquid temperature thermal modeling, targeting continuous operation conditions.

  • Lumispot Tech New Generation of DPSS Laser

    Explore the world of semiconductor pumped laser modules: their principles, applications, and advantages in industrial, medical, and scientific fields. Learn about cutting-edge DPSS laser technologies

  • New Product Launch - Multi-Peak Semiconductor Stac

    As core pump sources for solid-state and fiber lasers, semiconductor lasers exhibit a wavelength shift towards the red spectrum as working temperatures rise, typically by 0.2-0.3 nm/°C. This drift can