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Military Rangefinder Binoculars

New Uncooled Hand-held Infrared Observation Instrument is general observation equipment, it is mainly used to approach and observe the battlefield before day and night, find out the enemy situation, terrain, observation target and shooting effect and so.
Product has the functions of uncooled infrared imaging, visible light (color TV) imaging, laser ranging, Beidou positioning, orientation, electronic amplification, target positioning, voice recognition, photo and video recording, image storage, human-computer interaction
and so on.



Eye-safe wavelength

Fully Independent Developped

High Reliability

High Cost Performance

High Impact Resistence

Can be used directly

Range Finding



Aim Scoping

Configuration composition (Delivery list)

Uncooled hand-held infrared observation instrument1 set
Charger1 set
18650 Battery

12 cells

Carrying Bag1 pc
Storage and trasportation box1 pc
Multifunctional cable1 pc
Adapter Cable1 pc
External Trigger Button
1 pc
Squirrel Brush
1 pc
1 bag
lens cloth1 pc
Instruction manual 
1 copy

Technical Datasheet