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Assembled Handheld laser Rangefinder

The handheld laser rangefinder, as a general-purpose observation equipment, is primarily used for measuring target distances during day and night, observing battlefields, and surveying terrains. The handheld laser rangefinder mainly consists of a laser distance measuring module, a visible light imaging module, a low-light imaging module, an OLED viewing module, a digital electronic compass, and a voice module.
Key Features:
· Long-distance observation capability
Photography and video recording functions
· Adjustable focus capability
· Electronic zoom capability
· Tripod interface
· Visual OLED observation capability
· External power supply via power bank, with USB photo transfer capability


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Observation type MonocularBinocular
Cooling methodUncooledUncooled
Laser Type1535nm1535nm
Safety Eye-safeEye-safe
Range capacity Daytime (Visibility ≥12km), Ranging ≥6km (Target 2.3*4.6m)
Night Low-light (Visibility ≥8km, illuminance 5×10-3lx), Ranging ≥1km (Target 2.3*4.6m)
Visible light (Visibility ≥12km), Ranging ≥6km (Target 2.3*4.6m)
Infrared (Visibility ≥10km, Humidity 60%, average temperature difference between target and background 3K), Ranging ≥2.5km (Target 2.3*4.6m)
Accuracy Within 20m2kmTolerance ≤0.8m
Within 2km
6kmTolerance ≤0.9m

Magnification Visible light: 11X;
Low-light: 3.7X; 
Visible light: 10X;
Low-light: 5X;
Infrared: 5X
Field of view Visible light: 3° X 2.2°;
Low-light: ≥9° X 6.7°;
Visible light: 3.45° X 2.58°;
Low-light: ≥6.96° X 5.64°;
Infrared: ≥6.96° X 5.64°
Azimuth accuracy ≤±0.5°≤±0.5°
Inclination accuracy ≤±0.5°≤±0.5°

Working temperature -40℃~+55-40℃~+55
Storage temperature -55℃~+70-55℃~+70
Waterproofing gradeIP67IP67
GPSOptional Optional 
Data Interface - StandardRS232RS232
Dimension 245mm * 120mm * 92mm244mm * 238mm * 92mm 
Weight (Battery included)≤1.08kg≤2.48kg