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Vision Inspection System

The Lumispot Tech vision inspection system, WDE004, uses semiconductor lasers as its light source, with a power output ranging from 15W to 50W and multiple wavelengths (808nm/915nm/1064nm). This integrated design combines laser, camera, and power supply, reducing the machine's size while ensuring efficient heat dissipation and stable operation. It's easy to use, requires minimal field setup, and offers features like pre-use modulation, wide temperature operation (-40°C to 60°C), uniform light spot, and customization. WDE004 finds applications in railroad tracks, vehicles, pantographs, tunnels, roadways, logistics, and industrial detection, with both continuous and pulsed laser trigger modes available.


Light spot uniformity

Integrated design of laser

Good heat dissipation

Wide temperature stable operation

Advanced integrated design,

On-site debugging free

Customizable design

Spot Output and On-site Images


Railway track&pantograph detection

Industrial inspection

Road surface &Tunnel detection

Logistics inspection


Technical Data


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