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13-150mm Fiber Optic Gyro Coil

The key component of a fiber optic gyroscope is a fiber ring, which is formed by winding a long fiber optic coil. Its working principle is based on a physical phenomenon known as the optical effect, specifically the Sagnac Effect. Fiber optic gyroscopes are characterized by their simple structure, wide dynamic range, short startup time, and strong impact resistance, making them one of the mainstream instruments in the field of inertial measurement and guidance technology.

The core sensitive element of the fiber optic gyroscope is the polarization-maintaining fiber ring, which consists of the polarization-maintaining fiber and its framework. The polarization-maintaining fiber ring employs a quadrupole symmetric winding method, supplemented by a special sealing glue to form a solid-state fiber ring coil. The quadrupole symmetric winding method can effectively mitigate the effects caused by temperature gradients and stress gradients, thereby enhancing the stability of the fiber optic gyroscope.

Lumispot offers customized options, with inner diameters of the fiber ring ranging from 13mm to 150mm. Winding methods include 4-pole, 8-pole, and 16-pole, with working wavelengths of 1310nm/1550nm. These are suitable for use in fiber optic gyroscopes, laser surveying, and scientific research domains.

Key Features


Lightweight and Highly Precies

Good Symmetry

Low Stress

Exhibits a Smaller Shupe Effect

Stronger Seismic Resistance

Laser Mapping

Inertial Navigation

Fiber Optic Gyro

Technical Data

 Parameters Value
 Inner Diameter of Fiber Coil13-150 mm
 Height Of the Fiber Coil5-55 mm
 Length Of the Winding100-5000 m
 Diameter of The Fiber100/135/165/250 mm
 Working Wavelength 1310/1550 nm
 Room Temp. Extinction Ratio(for inner diameters < 30mm) ≥16 dB
Room Temp. Extinction Ratio (for inner diameters ≥30mm) ≥20 dB
 Additional Loss ≤0.8 dB/km
 Variation of the extinction ratio over the full Temp. Range ≤2.5 dB
Variation of the loss over the full temp. range
 ≤0.15 dB

 Operating Temp.

Storage Temp.
Wind Method 4/8/16 Pole